CSM Tip Tuesdays: Dry Brushing Prevents Ingrown Hair

CSM Tip Tuesdays: Dry Brushing Prevents Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is one of the beauty challenges we encounter. It is painful and a total hassle.

But what causes ingrown hairs? 

If you shave or wax your skin to remove unwanted hairs, you are most likely to experience this. 

Instead of regrowing out of the skin surface, some new hairs will curl back into the skin.

And this causes red and painful bumps. Sometimes, if not treated, it fosters bacterial growth that may cause infection. And that can be the worst scenario.

What is ingrown hairs? Anatomy of ingrown hairs.

There are numerous solutions you can do to address this. 

You may use shaving creams before shaving or get a high-quality razor to avoid this problem. 

But there are instances that dead skin buildup may cause ingrown hairs. The top layer of your skin can trap regrowing hairs if you do not regularly exfoliate your skin. 

So aside from choosing the right shaving products and tools, exfoliating your skin can help, too. 

For sure, you have your way of exfoliating your skin, but our favorite exfoliating method is dry brushing. 

Dry brushing prevents ingrown hairs.


Dry brushing is a physical exfoliation method that helps eliminate dead skin. It is a perfect exfoliation method to prevent ingrown hair because it removes dead skin that can trap regrowing hairs.

CSM Natural Body Brush


Follow these steps for a better result. 

  1. Do this inside the bathroom because you need to take off all your clothes. Also, it’ll be easier to discard all the dry skin after exfoliating your skin. 
  2. Remember, always start your dry brushing session on body parts that are furthest away from the heart. And always brush inwards.
  3. Brush in long strokes on larger areas of your body, like your legs, arms, and thighs. 
  4. Brush in small circular motions for small, tougher skin like your elbows, heels, and knees. 
  5. For your stomach and buttocks, use a gentle clockwise circular motion and work from your back to your front.
  6. You don’t have to wash your skin after a dry brushing session, but you can shower if you need one. We love taking a quick cold shower to relax the skin.

How To Dry Brush Your Skin

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