Organic Beauty

Organic Beauty

Have you ever wondered how you could achieve supple, radiant skin? It’s true that the appearance of our skin is somewhat dependent on genetics, but nutrition and lifestyle also play a huge role in the vitality of our skin. To get youthful skin, it’s wise not to rely on any one thing but to invest in your health instead.

A wholeness-based approach

We are bombarded with anti-aging creams that are filled with chemicals and preservatives that contribute to aging. Instead of buying commercialized moisturizers, applying extra-virgin seed and vegetable oils such as rosehip, hemp seed, olive or coconut oil will provide deep nourishment your skin craves. As for nutrition, buying prepared foods marketed to save you time and effort is false economy as your skin will bear the consequences later in life. If you are hungry for a snack, try fresh fruit or nuts instead of pre-packaged food! You will immediately notice the fresh glow in your skin.

The beauty of simplicity

Isn’t it funny how the best things in life are ones we often overlook? Getting a good night’s rest, drinking a plain cup of herbal tea or taking a walk are natural activities that could take years off of your appearance. Setting aside one day a week to soak in a dead sea salt bath and apply an avocado mask will have mental and emotional benefits as well as physical. Organic isn’t about a label- It’s about enjoying health without feeling you have to compartmentalize it into a routine. It will feel more natural and as a result you will look better!

The organic beauty results

To see the palpable change in your skin I encourage you to use all organic food and skin care for a month. Take note of your skin: the vibrant color and extra vitamins from the foods will give you an aura of beauty without expensive procedures that only promise superficial results! Health and beauty are one and the same, reminding us to respect nature and all it has to offer us.