What is Dry and Wet Body Brushing

What is Dry and Wet Body Brushing

It is an old practice – old, but gold.

Dry brushing might have been recently trending, but this beauty practice is not new.

Dry brushing is said to be an ancient practice. To be precise, this beauty secret was part of the Ancient Egyptians beauty rituals.

And Ancient Egyptians are known to be the pioneers of authentic and extraordinary beauty care routines.

But they were not the only ones who were practicing dry brushing before.

Dry brushing also exists in Ayurvedic practices, traditional Chinese health regimen, and even Ancient Greeks and Romans skin care traditions to youthful skin.

This traditional beauty secret helps blood circulation, detoxify the lymphatic system, helps maintain a supple youthful complexion, and relaxes the mind.

These are one of the many reasons why Complete Skin Makeover developed their very own Dry/Wet Body Brush. But before we proceed to its notable benefits, let us dive into the processes of this beauty secret. 

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What exactly is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a process of gently brushing or massaging your skin in a rhythmic pattern using a natural-fiber bristled body brush before taking a shower.

By doing this process you are helping your skin shed dead skin cells and toxins.

Removing all the dirt that is clogging your pores.

Basically, it is a manual physical exfoliation process

Wet brushing is a thing, too?

We may have read a number of articles about dry brushing, but only a few or none about wet brushing.

Wet brushing is another type of manual physical exfoliation process. Do this type of exfoliating method when you are taking a shower.

It is best when paired with body soap or shower gels. It is similar to using loofah or washcloth.

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But, which is better?

Although these processes share the same goal, which is to exfoliate your skin, their benefits differ because of the techniques used in each process.

Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin naturally – no body creams required to help remove the ugly dead skin cells.

Surprisingly, your skin will feel much softer and smoother with this process.

But the best part of dry brushing is it stimulates your lymphatic system that naturally detoxifies the body. 

The rhythmic pattern of dry brushing is not only meditative but also promotes blood-flow circulation that improves the health of your skin. 

And having a good blood flow circulation enhances the production of collagen and sebum that are important in maintaining that youthful complexion. 

On the other hand, wet body brushing provides a handful of benefits to your skin.

Wet brushing removes dirt, oil, and dead skin cell. It totally cleanses the skin and help remove residue that might encourage bacterial growth.

Therefore, your skin can be free from breakouts.

Additionally, wet brushing is best when you use lukewarm water because it helps open the pores.

With this, it is easier to clean clogged pores. And it is the best way to avoid ingrown hair.

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So, which one is BETTER?

Dry and wet body brushing provides different benefits, but that does not mean you cannot use both.

Depending on the condition of your skin and mood, you can enjoy the relaxing feeling of both processes any time of the day! 

Listen to your body and know what it wants. If you have dry skin, then maybe dry brushing is best for you.

Oily skin? Wet brushing may be effective for you.

The good thing about Complete Skin Makeover's Wet/Dry Body Brush is you can use it for dry or wet body brushing.

Its natural fiber bristles dry fast, so you do not have to worry about buying another brush for dry brushing.

The soft nodules will not only soothe your muscle but it keeps you from pressing too hard on your skin. 

It will perfectly fit your hand with its wood palm-sized head and canvas strap to secure your hold, especially when wet brushing your skin. 

It is convenient, travel-friendly, and natural.

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