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Tone Bundle


The "Best Dry Brush for Cellulite 2023" according to BYRDIE! Natural bristles on this dry and wet body brush provide better exfoliation to clear dead skin cells and reduce cellulite. The soft massage buds soothe muscles while natural bristles stimulate lymph nodes for improved circulation, boosting collagen production. The result? The clean, fresh glow of youthful skin. Yes, please!

A circulation treatment body serum so good you may consider giving up pants forever. This organic herbal formula is designed to firm, tighten, and tone your legs, hips, and thighs from the outside-in. This luxurious serum absorbs quickly with no sticky feeling (let’s pass on that, thanks) to replenish your skin barrier with hydration, ceramides and antioxidants. Plus, it smells super dreamy thanks to a custom blend of essential oils and gives an energizing sensation. 

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  • Wet/Dry Body Brush (Full-Size):
    - Natural bristles & flexible massage buds
    - Visibly improves cellulite & boosts Collagen production
    - Stimulates circulation, lymphatic drainage & detoxification
    - Gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells for a glow
    - Improves absorption of REDUCE serum afterward

    REDUCE Revitalizing Herbal Leg Treatment (Full-Size):
    - Visibly firms, tightens, & tones skin on your legs, hips & thighs
    - Stimulates circulation, lymphatic drainage & collagen production
    - Strengthens & improves appearance of capillaries & veins with Horse Chestnut
    - Hydrates & replenishes skin barrier with Ceramides, Aloe & Vitamin E
    - Quick-absorbing body serum formula (never sticky)
    - Soothes & revitalizes with a custom essential oil blend
    - An invigorating warming sensation lets you know it’s working (it’s temporary!)

    *Please consult your physician before using the REDUCE if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or for conditions affecting the circulatory or lymph system(s).