"I use this everyday twice a day and my pores look better than ever" -LKirch12, Happy Rose Aloe Witch Customer
"I use this everyday twice a day and my pores look better than ever" -LKirch12, Happy Rose Aloe Witch Customer

"I use this everyday twice a day and my pores look better than ever" -LKirch12, Happy Rose Aloe Witch Customer

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C.S.M Rose Aloe Witch Beauty Moisturizer with Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, Seaweed and Irish Moss for Face.

✜ YOUR DAILY DOSE- Stop and smell the roses with this alcohol free, rose water - based beauty mist. Vitamins A though E are packed into our toner to ensure that any and every deficiency in your skin is addressed and corrected to guarantee that your face is optimally moisturized to prevent acne breakouts or other unsightly skin issues. It even has Pantothenic Acid for optimal energy use within your skin cells!
✜ A REAL MOSS-T HAVE - Irish Moss, that is, and it's not really even a moss; it's actually seaweed. We've paired Kelp, and the Antioxidant powerhouse that is Irish Moss to help clear your face of toxins and remove free radicals to give you that youthful glow we know you love! How about a smooth, velvety complexion to go with those beautiful eyes?
✜ GET TONED - Our breakthrough formula is revolutionary in its ability to help even out the pH levels of your skin. With the addition of Aloe Vera, it can even reduce redness and inflammation helping to even out your skin tone, giving you a flawless look every day, the natural way!
✜ WHY THE LONG FACE? - It may be because the elasticity and collagen levels of your skin have dropped as you've aged. We've got a fix for that! With daily use of our gentle, natural moisturizer and toner you can expect an overall improvement in the look of aging on your face as fine lines and wrinkles become less prominent.
✜ READY YET? - You should be, and with our peace of mind money back guarantee, you have no reason not to! If you don't absolutely love our toner, just send it back our way and you can expect a FULL REFUND of the purchase price in no time at all! Let us help you achieve better skin, risk free!


It never seems to fail, just when you thought that you'd finally cleared your skin, here those pimples come marching back in. Isn't it time you found a natural, EFFECTIVE facial toner?


C.S.M. brings to you a true revolution in natural skin care. We've designed this Marine Complex with every aspect of dermal health in mind.

It's jam packed with vitamins and antioxidants from land and sea; a pure, light facial moisturizer and cleanser with witch hazel made for men and women alike.


The Rose Aloe Witch Beauty Elixir is absolutely Paraben and Phosphate free, and never tested on animals. This toner makes an unquestionably amazing addition to any daily moisturizing and anti-aging routine! Nothing beats Mother Nature when it comes to health and beauty, and here at C.S.M., we take pride in bringing nature to you.


We've got your back for life! If our product doesn't live up to expectations, just send it our way and get your money back. It's as simple as that.


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