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How to Reduce Cellulite ... Naturally.

How to Reduce Cellulite ... Naturally.

Dry brush with mini dry brush

    What is cellulite, and what causes that dimply look? 

    We're not talking about the cute little dimples on a toddler's sweet face. Nope.

    More like the orange-peel-looking, bumpy bits on your thighs, bum, and legs🍊

    So, what's up with lumps?

    It's a common condition called cellulite that isn't harmful to your health. But your self-confidence may have a different opinion about it, especially during leg-baring warm weather. ☀️

    Cellulite is mainly hereditary. It can look worse with weight gain, changes in hormone levels (birth control pills, pregnancy), or lack of exercise. Cellulite usually shows up in women after puberty when estrogen increases. 

    When fat cells beneath the skin layers push unevenly against our connective tissue (fascia), the look of lumps shows up.

    Our founder, Lacey (like 85-95% of women), tried to hide her legs for years with long pants and skirts. It was a constant battle of covering up instead of finding a solution that really worked. 

    She was so frustrated, and her confidence (especially as a model) took a big hit. 

    How to reduce cellulite … Goodbye dimples, hello smooth legs.

    With Lacey's foray into natural, clean beauty, she experimented with different methods until she found what worked. 

    And although there isn't an actual "cure" for cellulite, you can reduce its appearance—naturally. YAY, good news!

    Luckily—it's not as hard as you might think! 

    Check out these 5 ways you can reduce the appearance of cellulite:

    Move your body. 🏋️

    Exercise increases circulation in your skin and helps your body get rid of toxins that can get trapped in your fat cells. That means improved elasticity and a smoother appearance! Plus, exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduces stress that can cause inflammation.

    Eat more healthy fats. 🥑

    Wait, what? More fat? Your body needs fat. But not all fats are created equal.

    Healthy fats, like those found in animal fats and coconut oil, can help you feel full longer, lose weight, and improve your skin tone. Healthy fats also reduce inflammation in your body (less inflammation = less cellulite!).

    Use essential oils. 🌱

    If you've followed Lacey's story, you know her love for clean beauty started with the discovery of essential oils.

    The power of plants in essential oils can help target key cellulite-busting areas: 

    • circulation and blood flow 🧘
    • lymphatic drainage 🌀
    • collagen production 🧬

    You can add invigorating essential oils to massage oil, body lotion, or even a few drops on your palms to breathe in their scent before you start your day. 

    Drink (some) caffeine. 🍵

    Whether you prefer coffee or green tea, a little caffeine can stimulate your system, burn fat, increase blood flow, and suppress your appetite.  

    But all things in moderation. Too much caffeine can dehydrate, which is the opposite of the plumped, glowing skin we want

    Dry brush.💓

    Here's the key …🗝️

    A healthy lymphatic system makes all your other systems function well. Your lymph system helps your body regenerate healthy cells and encourages collagen production for skin elasticity retention.

    *Dry brushing for just a few minutes daily can help you achieve this.*

    So, not only will you get smoother, softer, more even-toned skin. Your whole system benefits. Win-win-win!

    Our innovative natural Body Brush has soft massage buds to soothe muscles while natural bristles stimulate lymph nodes for improved circulation, boosting collagen production. 

    Check out our simple daily dry brushing technique to get you smooth and confident, ready to flaunt your fresh, glowing skin in no time. Yes, please!

    Bonus: this Dry Brush does even more than reduce cellulite… 🤩

    👉 Removes dead skin cells and toxins from your skin.

    👉 Ditches dullness for a smooth afterglow.

    👉 Heals and hydrates to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

    👉 Unclogs pores to avoid ingrown hairs.


    So, you're not only reducing the dimpled area of your skin, but you are also improving your skin's overall health. Happy dry brushing! 🤗

    And remember: Regardless of whatever bumps you may have, you still glow, girl. You deserve to treat yourself to something better.

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