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Final Stock! Shop 53% Off Collagen Face Masks
Final Stock! Shop 53% Off Collagen Face Masks

You deserve better—


Ditch insecurity for newfound confidence. Replace those breakouts, inflammation, uneven tones, and other not-so-fun skin reactions with a healthy, glowing complexion. Yes—true beauty comes from within, but a little TLC from CSM will make your skin shine to match your glowing personality.

Because we only use the best ingredients and always prioritize people over profits, you reap the reward of skin that feels good at any age, so you feel more confident in your natural beauty.

It’s time you found something that works… for more than just a couple days.

We don’t push hyped-up products you toss in the trash after you try them once or twice. CSM only creates effective skincare products you fall in love with. This time, you’ll finish the bottle. And order another.

Stop hiding and start healing your relationship with your skin. You deserve to live fully, love yourself deeply, and share that abundance with those around you.



HEY, I'M Lacey

Growing up, I struggled with my skin. A string of allergies led to rosacea, eczema, and other inflammatory reactions. Plus something that most young girls don’t encounter: I was bitten by a dog—twice. A few stitches later, I was left attempting to heal scars, but mostly just covering them up with thick concealer every day.

Pursuing a career in modeling and playing poker professionally meant I needed to get my skin under control. I’d save to buy the latest product on the market only to find that a few hundred dollars later, this so-called magical serum didn’t work either. Maybe you’ve been there too? I started to feel desperate.

I can’t tell you how many products I tried. Serums, oils, lotions, cleansers. Bottle after bottle of disappointment. Every flashy new package gave me hope, but was always let down… Nothing worked. It was more than surface-level self-consciousness. Feelings of self-doubt held me back in my work, but also in my daily life. It’s tiring to try to cover every inch of bare skin before you leave the house every day.

HI, I'M Keith

Just like Lacey, my drive to dig deeper began before we started CSM together. I became a professional gambler at the age of 17, and it pushed me into pursuing holistic alternatives. My experience proved to myself I needed a different kind of life than traditionally prescribed. I moved to Las Vegas, bought a home, met Lacey, and we’ve lived all around the world since we married in 2012.

Together, we’re careful about what we put in and on our bodies in an attempt to limit the toxins that the average person unknowingly surrounds themself with every day. It’s not just about clean skincare in our home, but the big picture.

My interest in natural health and holistic living has driven us to not only grow CSM, but also to live a healthier, more in-tune life. I believe in living in harmony with my body’s circadian rhythm. I wake up before the sun and try to watch it rise every day, don’t turn on any lights—candles and red bulbs only. Every morning, Lacey and I have coffee together. It’s one of my favorite moments in my day.

This is just a small portion of the routine I’ve developed in order to live better, and don’t expect others to jump in right away, but always welcome those who want to learn. We created Complete Skin Makeover as a means to be that first step to living just a bit lighter, fuller, more natural life.

But I didn’t start here. It’s taken me years of experimenting, researching, and seeking in order to feel like I’ve arrived. Now, I get to share all this with you, so you can experience natural living for yourself.

We explore alternatives so you don’t have to.