C.S.M Ultimate Product Guide: Face Mask Brush

C.S.M Ultimate Product Guide: Face Mask Brush

Having a skincare routine is a step towards self-care. It makes you feel good because your skin feels good. You feel pampered and loved. 

But, let us be honest. It is not always sunshine and rainbows. 

We have days that we feel that our routine is too much or too messy that we skip it. 

No judgment. We certainly have those days, especially when it is face mask day! 

Or when we have to apply facial peels, creams, body butter, or similar products. 

Trying to spread it evenly can be a challenge when using your hands or synthetic brushes that clump up.  

Ugh. We love and hate it. We love how nourishing it is on our skin, but we hate the cleaning part. It gets on everywhere! And it wastes too much product.  

It is a struggle shared by many, so we thought of a solution for this - our silicone C.S.M Silicone Face Mask Brush. 


  • What is C.S.M Face Mask Brush
  • How To Use C.S.M Face Mask Brushes
  • C.S.M Face Mask Brush Care Tips
  • Where To Buy C.S.M Face Mask Brush

What is C.S.M Face Mask Brush

Our C.S.M Face Mask Brush is a three brush set perfect for face masks, face creams, foundation, peels, lotions, body butter, wax and more. 

With an easy-to-use design, it guarantees even application and a clean skincare routine session. 

A clean session means; no more messy drips, no more contaminated products, no more hard-to-clean beauty tools, and no more possible bacterial growth on your brushes. 

It is soft, flexible, heat and odor resistant, non-staining, and hygienic. Perfect for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Perfect for everyone! 

C.S.M Silicone Face Mask Brush

How To Use C.S.M Face Mask Brushes

It is important to clean your beauty tools first before using them, especially if they are new. We recommend soaking the tips for 3 minutes with lukewarm water and any gentle cleaning agent (our favorite is Dr. Bronner's Pure Liquid Castile Soap!) for the first time use. 

  1. Prepare your favorite product to apply. 
  2. Wash your brush with water, gentle soap, and dry it with a lint-free towel. Avoid touching the brush. 
  3. Scoop the product using your wedged silicone brush and apply it to the skin. 
  4. Lather the product evenly and gently. 
  5. For nooks, you can use the Spot Treatment brush. 
  6. Enjoy the relaxing and clean feeling! 

How To Use C.S.M Silicone Face Mask Brush

C.S.M Face Mask Brush Care Tips

Our C.S.M Face Mask Brush is easy to maintain and can be used for a long time with proper care. You can follow these simple care tips: 

  1. Always keep it clean before and after use. After cleaning your brush, store it in its pouch. Never mix it with other silicone beauty tools. 
  2.  Avoid using soap that can potentially damage your silicone brush, like cleansers with granules. 
  3. Avoid using alcohol or acetone on your brush. It can damage the silicone and can potentially irritate your skin. 
  4. Silicone has natural antimicrobial properties, but cleaning it after every use is still necessary. 

C.S.M Silicone Face Mask Brush Care Tips

Where To Buy C.S.M Face Mask Brush

Our C.S.M Face Mask Brush is a set of three brushes; two wedged brushes and one spot treatment brush. It is available in two colors and comes with a pouch. 

Purchase our silicone face mask brush on our website, or you can shop it on Amazon. It is a perfect holiday gift, too!  

Click to purchase our C.S.M Silicone Face Mask Brush


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