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Embrace the Winter Solstice with Lacey's Reflection Ritual

Embrace the Winter Solstice with Lacey's Reflection Ritual

As the Winter Solstice nears (December 21st), Lacey, the visionary behind Complete Skin Makeover, invites us to embrace this season of introspection, intentionality, and self-care. Guiding us through rituals that nurture the essence and sow the seeds for a vibrant new year, she taps into the energy of the solstice.

Chinese Herbs for the Winter

Lacey's Practice: Nourishing with Chinese Herbs Lacey shares her current practice, where she's delving into the daily use of Chinese herbs to nourish her blood and qi. These age-old remedies have become an integral part of her routine, providing vital support and balance during the winter's introspective phase. For Lacey, nurturing her essence during this season has become a fundamental self-care ritual.

Tip 1: Intention Setting for Spring's Bloom With the new year on the horizon, Lacey encourages setting intentions aligned with the Winter Solstice's energy. Take time to reflect, visualize, and set intentions for what you wish to see blossom in the coming spring. Embrace the quietude of the solstice to nurture these intentions, laying the groundwork for growth and transformation in the months ahead.

Tip 2: Abhyanga and Dry Brushing for Self-Care Lacey emphasizes the importance of self-care rituals like dry brushing and self abhyanga, a self-massage practice using CSM Rosehip Remedy Oil. Dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates circulation, and supports the lymphatic system, promoting detoxification and a radiant glow. Self abhyanga nourishes the skin, enhances circulation, calms the nervous system, and brings a sense of grounding, especially crucial during the winter months. Using CSM Rosehip Remedy Oil further enriches this practice, as rosehip oil is deeply moisturizing and packed with antioxidants, promoting skin rejuvenation and overall wellness.

Tip 3: Embrace Nourishing Winter Foods Lacey emphasizes the importance of nourishing your body with winter-specific foods. Incorporate warming soups, root vegetables, and nourishing broths into your diet. These foods not only provide comfort but also align with the winter season's need for grounding and internal warmth.

Tip 4: Create a Winter Sanctuary Transform your space into a winter sanctuary by incorporating cozy elements. Use warm blankets, soft lighting, and natural elements like pinecones or evergreen branches to create a soothing ambiance. This sanctuary becomes a space for introspection, meditation, and setting intentions.

Rituals for Winter Solstice

    Mantras for the Winter Solstice:

    Mantra 1: 

    I am a vessel of light, nurturing seeds of growth within ✨

    As you recite this mantra during the Winter Solstice, envision yourself as a vessel—filled with the radiant light of possibilities. Feel this light nurturing the seeds of your aspirations, tenderly tending to them within your being. Visualize this light illuminating your intentions for the new year, providing the energy and nourishment needed for them to sprout and flourish when the time is right.

    Mantra 2:

    With each breath, I embrace the stillness and welcome transformation 💛

    Allow this mantra to guide your breath during the Winter Solstice. With each inhale, draw in the serenity and tranquility of the moment, embracing the stillness that surrounds you. As you exhale, release any resistance to change and welcome transformation. Feel the rhythm of your breath harmonizing with the rhythm of the solstice, a reminder that transformation is a natural part of life's cycle—necessary for growth and evolution.

    Incorporating these mantras during the Winter Solstice can deepen your connection to the moment, infusing your intentions with light and embracing the transformative energy of this season.

    Ritual: Winter Solstice Reflection 

    • Find a quiet space and light a candle, symbolizing the return of light.
    • Take a few deep breaths, grounding yourself in the present moment.
    • Reflect on the past year—its challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned.
    • Write down intentions for the new year, focusing on growth, transformation, and what you wish to manifest come spring.
    • Visualize these intentions taking root, nurturing them within yourself like seeds in fertile soil.
    • End by expressing gratitude for the lessons of the past and the potential for growth in the future.
    • If you're into habit stacking like Lacey, do this ritual while wearing our Gold Hydrogel face mask.

    Embrace the Winter Solstice with Lacey's rituals, allowing the quietude to nourish your being, setting intentions for the blooming spring, and embracing transformation within and without. As the solstice marks the return of light, may it illuminate your path toward growth and realization of your aspirations.

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