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Lacey's Tips for a Low-Tox Holiday Season: Prioritize Self-Care and Inner Warmth

Lacey's Tips for a Low-Tox Holiday Season: Prioritize Self-Care and Inner Warmth

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it can also bring a few unwelcome guests—extra stress, indulgent foods, and perhaps more toxins than we'd like. Lacey, the visionary behind Complete Skin Makeover, is here to guide you on optimizing your body's ability to flush out toxins while elevating your self-care routine during this festive time. In her journey to embrace hidden growth (think a butterfly's cocoon or a seed growing in the ground) this winter, she shares practical tips for radiant skin, inner warmth, and a toxin-free holiday season.

Tip 1: Daily Dry Brushing and Gua Sha

Lacey's first secret to glowing skin during the holiday season is daily dry brushing before her shower. This ritual not only exfoliates the skin but also stimulates the lymphatic system, aiding in the detoxification process. She also incorporates Gua Sha into her routine, gently massaging her face, scalp, and neck 2-3 times a week, (or more if bloating strikes). This practice enhances circulation, reduces puffiness, and offers a moment of relaxation in the midst of holiday chaos.

Tip 2: Embrace Stillness and Warmth

In the winter theme of hidden growth, Lacey emphasizes the importance of looking within and warming ourselves from the inside out. Regular meditation helps her find stillness and inner peace. Sipping on warm herbal teas and bone broths not only keeps you cozy but also supports your body's natural detox mechanisms. Lighting non-toxic candles and basking by the fireplace, if you have one, adds to the warmth and ambiance. Stay active with gentle stretching to keep your lymphatic system flowing, especially when the cold weather tempts you to hibernate.

Tip 3: Declutter and Create Positive Energy

Lacey's holiday season isn't complete without decluttering her home and inviting in good Feng Shui. Clearing out the old tells the universe that you're ready for new beginnings in the coming year. Find your center and peace in the midst of holiday chaos by simplifying your space.

Tip 4: Go Low-Tox for the Holidays

Lacey suggests taking advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales as well as limited edition holiday bundles to replace toxic household items, makeup, and skincare products with clean, healthier alternatives. Give the gift of a toxin-free holiday by gifting your friends and family with non-toxic products, and bidding farewell to traditional toxic candles and perfumes.

Tip 5: Treating Yourself & Going Easy on Yourself

In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's not uncommon to slip up or deviate from your low-tox goals. After all, you're human! Lacey's invaluable advice during these moments of lapse is to go easy on yourself. Remember, perfection isn't the goal— progress is. If you find that you've strayed from your low-tox path, treat yourself to a soothing collagen face mask. Not only does it rejuvenate your skin, but it also serves as a gentle reminder to care for yourself. Forgive any missteps, embrace self-compassion, and use these moments as an opportunity to refocus on your low-tox journey with renewed determination.

Mantra: I embrace the warmth within and radiate it out. ✨


Pro Tip: Download Lacey's Free PDF on low-tox living! Inside is a list of clean products she loves, ranging from personal care and makeup to home products, nutrition, and more. The goal is to help you kickstart your low-tox journey and make the transition to a healthier lifestyle to feel better all around. And for those seeking a comprehensive guide to low-tox living, sign up to receive the Complete Guide to Low-Tox Living along with personal tips from Lacey, here.

Embrace Lacey's tips to revitalize your holiday season and emerge with radiant skin, inner warmth, and a toxin-free environment. The holidays can be a time of joy and rejuvenation, ensuring you're ready to welcome the new year with open arms.

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