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How These 5 Simple Self-care Sunday Ideas Can Fight Acne Breakout

How These 5 Simple Self-care Sunday Ideas Can Fight Acne Breakout

Did you know that stress can cause an acne breakout? Apparently, it does. 

In 2014, a study was conducted to determine the brain-skin connection. They observed that psychological stress can aggravate multiple skin diseases. 

It’s true because when you are stressed, your body releases cortisol which signals your system to produce more oil. 

This causes acne breakout. 

But aside from that, it can also flare up skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and more. 

There’s no wonder why when under stress, some skin conditions are aggravated. 

Well, stress is inevitable. That’s one hard bullet to dodge, especially when everything seems to have a deadline. 

Stress is everywhere regardless of what roles you play in life. Nobody is exempted from it. 

And we feel you. We aren’t exempt from it, either. We also have bad-breakout days. It happens. Stress happens. 

And now that we are still in a health crisis, our stress levels are going crazy. 

With all these hurdles + skin problems, sometimes we want to just pause and stop functioning. 

Leave all the responsibilities behind and escape life. We just want peace and quiet. We wish time to slow down.

Here in CSM, we believe that stepping a few steps back can make a difference. Approaching life in a slow phase is sometimes just what we all need even just for a day. 

Now, if you have free time on a Sunday, how will you spend it? 

We suggest that you make it a Self-care Sunday. 

But, why is Self-care Sunday important? 

Self-care Sunday is part of The CSM Movement that focuses on living intentionally in a day - in this case, a slow Sunday. 

The goal here is to recharge your energy by doing simple things for yourself. This is a special day where you take all your time without pressure.

So to help you with this, we curated 5 simple Self-care Sunday ideas you can enjoy this weekend [or every Sunday].

1. Take time in doing your skincare routine.

This might be a daily thing for you, but it’s different when you give extra attention to how you do it. 

This time, try to indulge in each step like it’s the first time you did it. Notice how your skin feels or how it looks after you apply a product. 

And do a little extra for your skin by adding more steps to your usual routine. You can exfoliate your skin or put a face mask on. 

Be generous to your skin today. Have a Self-care Sunday skincare routine. 

Self-care Sunday: Take time in doing your skincare routine.

Read The Basics For Your Skinimalism Routine for a simple skincare guide. 

2. Drink lots of fluids today.

You might be drinking water every day, but oftentimes, when we are busy, we only drink water when we are thirsty. Apparently, being thirsty is a sign of dehydration. 

For Self-care Sunday, try to say no to carbonated drinks or any drinks with high sugar content. 

Lots of water is ideal, but it’s okay to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as well. Try to make fruit juices, too. 

Make sure to enjoy each sip. Sit down and take your time. Appreciate how it replenishes your energy and how it hydrates your skin. 

Self-care Sunday: Drink lots of fluids today.

3. Eat a healthy meal the whole day.

Eat lots of greens, fruits, and veggies. Cut out carbs and instant noodles for a day. 

If you can, prepare your meals, too. Enjoy every step in preparing your food. Focus on what you are creating. 

Notice how you nourish your body. With all the vitamins and minerals, you are helping your skin, too!

Self-care Sunday: Eat Eat a healthy meal the whole day.

4. Relax your mind and invite peace within you.

You can do meditation. Look for a quiet corner, you may sit or you may lay down, listen to your body, and notice how each part of you feels. 

You can do yoga, too. All you need is a mat and enough space for movement. 

If you are not into both, do a bubble bath instead. Set the mood by lighting a scented candle and maybe add some fresh flowers. Sometimes a quiet time is enough. 

If you are more relaxed, so is your skin! 

Self-care Sunday: Relax your mind and invite peace within you.

5. Get quality sleep.

We could not emphasize more how important sleep is to your skin or your overall health. 

And we are not only talking about getting 8 hours of sleep. Your body needs quality 7-8 hours of sleep. It means, when you wake up the next day you should feel energized and not sluggish. 

To achieve this, you need to set the mood first. Do not use any gadgets an hour before bedtime. 

Set the correct temperature in your room. Dim the lights. Change to comfortable sleepwear. 

Go to bed earlier than usual. A light reading can help, too. And don’t set your alarm! 

Self-care Sunday: Get quality sleep.

The whole point of this movement is to let you feel that it’s okay to slow down and enjoy the simple things every once in a while. It’s okay to take the time to pamper yourself!

These simple things may be little achievements, but these small things empower us. 

They allow us to take control of our feelings, of our thoughts. Allowing us to align our mind, body, and soul. 

These small things allow us to be us without pressure, without stress. 

And if we share the same beliefs, join our community and join The CSM Movement. Let us all be beautiful inside out. Happy Self-care Sunday!


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