Top Ten Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

Top Ten Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

How clean is yoOrganic ingredients mineral powderur skincare routine? The daily habits we have do have a real impact on our skin. There are thousands of chemicals added to skincare products, today, most of which are not even tested for safety. We’ve created a Top Ten ingredient list to avoid in your skin care. These toxins can build up in our bodies over time in the form of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds, parabens, sulfates and lead. For softer, brighter and younger looking skin, only apply organic, natural products that list all of the ingredients. As you will notice, most of the chemicals listed below are endocrine disrupters. Endocrine disrupters pose serious risks because they affect reproductive growth, cause long term neurological damage and lower the immune system. Glandular blockages that result from the buildup of toxic chemicals can lead to cancer and prevent the body from eliminating waste products. To ensure that you are not exposing you or your family to endocrine disrupters it is advised that all skin care products, hand washes, shampoos, soaps and deodorants are checked for safety. Avoid these ingredients in this top ten list, but also make sure to look up other harmful chemicals as well. When in doubt, stay as close to nature as possible. Products that contain a lot of ingredients are more likely to have unlisted binders, fillers and other additives. For skin moisturizers and hair conditioners, pure, unadulterated oils are much healthier than any conditioner or moisturizer product.

Here’s a list of the top ten toxins to avoid in skincare products:

1. Parabens Parabens are preservatives found in many skincare products. They are linked to endocrine disruption, cancer (especially breast cancer) and hormonal imbalances. Known by: Methyl, Propyl, Butyl and Ethyl paraben.

2. Sulfates Used in many beauty products and some used for it’s foaming abilities in shampoo and cleansers. Can cause skin rashes and other allergic reactions, organ toxicity and cancer. Known by: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), and Ammonium Laurel Sulfate (ALS)

3. Formaldehyde Formaldehyde is another irritating carcinogen found in hair, skin and nail products.

4. Fragrance You will often find phlalates listed under fragrance along with lead and other chemicals. It is very irritating and leads to headaches, nausea and allergies.

5. & 6. BHA and BHT These chemicals are found mostly in moisturizers. It is a preservative and disrupts the endocrine system. It also causes damage to the lungs, liver, thyroid and kidney.

7. Coal Tar Coal tar is a known carcinogen. It is found in shampoos and products especially formulated for dry skin.

8. Phlalates Phlalates used to be found in toys and other plastic products but you can still find them in perfumes and skincare products. They are extremely toxic and can cause cancer.

9. Tolulene Tolulene can disrupt fetal development and you’ll often find it in nail products. Tolulene is often listed under fragrance.

10. Triclosan You can find triclosan in hand sanitizers, lotions and deodorants. It is linked to endocrine disruption and cancer.