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Top 10 Worst Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

Top 10 Worst Ingredients to Avoid in Skin Care

How clean is your skincare routine? 

By clean, we mean, are you using toxin-free products? 

When was the last time you checked the labels? 

Most of us do not even bother checking the ingredients. And yes, not all the listed ingredients in your favorite skincare products can be safe. 

Did you know that cosmetics and skincare products are one of the less regulated products in the US? 

Unfortunately, the FDA does not impose strict regulations on cosmetics and skincare products — no pretesting, no product review. 

According to statistics, the skincare market prediction will skyrocket by 30% in the next five years. Yet despite the booming market, the safety regulations of cosmetic and skincare use are still not a priority.

Generally, the safety of the consumer relies on the consumer. But here in CSM, our consumers' right to know the safety of the products they use is a priority. 

We advocate wellness, we advocate safety. 

And because we care about you, we listed the top ten worst ingredients you need to avoid in your skincare products: 

1. Parabens

Paraben is a preservative commonly found in many skincare and cosmetic products. It is known that parabens are easily absorbed by the body. 

Thus, several studies were conducted to assess its safety. And it gained both positive and negative connotations from researchers. 

A particular study found that our body can easily absorb parabens which they noted as harmful. They emphasized that parabens can disrupt our endocrine system. And a disrupted endocrine system can affect the fitness and functions of the body. 

Another study reviewed the potential harm of parabens found in breast cancer tissues. It can be from the topical products used containing these preservatives. It is possible because it easily penetrates the skin. 

Paraben is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

2. Sulfates

Also listed as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Ammonium Laurel Sulfate. These are common ingredients for cleaning products and shampoos. 

Many suspected that sulfates may be a carcinogen, but it remains unproven. But, the International Journal of Toxicology declared that is it an irritant. Products with sulfate are not good if you have rosacea, eczema, or contact dermatitis. 

Sulfate is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

3. Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is also known as formalin. It is a common ingredient in cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, and cleaning products. It is important to know that our body can easily absorb formaldehyde. 

With this, exposure to formaldehyde should be strictly regulated. It can cause cancer when overexposed. So for your safety, try to avoid skincare products containing this ingredient. 

Formaldehyde is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

4. Artificial Fragrance.

Commonly written as "fragrance" or "parfum" on skincare labels. It might sound straightforward but it's a complicated ingredient. Who knows how many chemical ingredients it needs to make it. The FDA does not require a specific list of ingredients in fragrance, too. Yikes, right? 

Artificial fragrances can trigger allergies. It may cause headaches and nausea. Just the thought of it should give you a hint that if you don't know where it is coming from, then stay away from it. 

Artificial Fragrance is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

5. & 6. BHA and BHT 

A known carcinogen, BHA and BHT are preservatives used in moisturizers and cosmetic products. 

Long-term exposure to these synthetic ingredients can be harmful to us. It can disrupt our endocrine system. According to a study, it can cause liver, thyroid, and kidney problems. It can also affect our lungs and may cause blood clots. 

BHA and BHT are one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

7. Phthalates 

Phthalates belong to the list of endocrine-disrupting chemicals. It is a common ingredient in plastic products, household products, and skincare. 

But some studies proved how harmful this chemical can be. Aside from being an endocrine disruptor, it can also lower sperm count, birth defects in the male reproductive system, obesity, diabetes, and thyroid issues. 

Phthalates is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

8. Toluene 

Toluene acts as a solvent in nail products. It is a clear liquid with an aromatic odor that may cause nausea and irritation when inhaled. OEHHA listed Toluene as one of the synthetic chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. 

Also, it can be toxic to our immune system and a possible link to blood cancer. Europe and Southeast Asian nations restricted the use of toluene in nail products, but the US thinks otherwise. Avoid this chemical ingredient for safety. 

Toluene is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

9. Triclosan 

Triclosan is an antimicrobial ingredient used in hand sanitizers, soap, toothpaste, and such. But the FDA banned the use of triclosan in hand sanitizers or soaps because it disrupts the endocrine system. Even with this finding, the use of triclosan is still prevalent in the US. 

It is also observed that exposure to triclosan may potentially increase the risk of reproductive problems. 

Triclosan is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

10. Oxybenzone

Oxybenzone is a known sunscreen ingredient. It can absorb both UVA and UVB rays. But studies show that oxybenzone is a possible endocrine disruptor because it can penetrate our skin and bloodstream even in one use. 

Sunscreen with oxybenzone is banned in Hawaii because of its danger to coral reefs. Other countries restricted or limited the use of this chemical ingredient because it lacks data on its safety. 

Oxybenzone is one of the worst ingredients to avoid in skin care.

The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar market. Companies will go to great lengths to persuade you to purchase their products. So, you need to be vigilant at all times.

Always look for companies that prioritizes your safety and well-being. And that's one of the many reasons why we are here for you.

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