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How to Use the Mini Dry Brush and Traditional Dry Brush Bundle

So, you bought a new CSM Body Brush. Yay! We know that you are excited to use it. 

But, if you are reading this, chances are, you are still confused about how to use it, or a first-timer or you are looking for a more comprehensive guide. 

Well, regardless of your experience, we are sure that this body brush guide is for you.  

What's In The Guide

What is CSM Body Brush

Our CSM Body Brush is an exfoliating tool that removes dead skin cells, excess sebum, and stubborn dirt on your skin. 

It is made of ethically sourced natural boar bristles, installed with soft rubber nodules, polished wood handle, and sturdy canvas strap. 

It is easy to use, lightweight, natural, and travel-friendly. 

You can use your CSM Body Brush for dry brushing or wet brushing. It is made to do both. 

The best natural body brush - CSM Natural Body Brush.

What is Body Brushing

Before we dive into the technique and its benefits, let us familiarize this beauty practice first. 

Body brushing is an old practice – old, but gold. This beauty practice has been around since ancient times. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used this method to maintain a supple, youthful complexion. 

Moreover, Traditional Chinese and Ayurveda use this method for blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. 

In 2018, this practice was popularized again by celebrity models like Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr. They swear on its glowing results after every brushing session.

From then on, people are raving about it. Many have attested to its invigorating result, but some remain apprehensive. 

So, we will answer some of the FAQs about it. 

Common FAQs on Body Brushing.

The Benefits of Body Brushing

  • It encourages collagen production.

    Regular exfoliation can boost collagen production, and body brushing is a good exfoliation method. The best thing about having a natural body brush is you can exfoliate every single day! 
  • It reduces the appearance of cellulite.

    As mentioned above, body brushing cannot eliminate cellulite, but it can reduce its appearance. Body brushing can plump the skin, resulting in less visible dimpled skin. We are recommended as the best body brush for cellulite! 
  • It improves circulation.

    Every time you exfoliate your skin using a natural body brush, you are also boosting your circulation. Always remember that a healthy blood flow can help achieve healthy skin. 
  • It helps flush the lymphatic system.

    When you brush, you are also helping your lymphatic system eliminate clogged toxins. The soft rubber nodules installed can give the extra push. 
  • It reduces ingrown hair.

    Body brushing can remove dead skin, which means exfoliating the top layer of the skin. By doing so, it will help free trapped hair under the skin. In this way, it reduces razor burns, too!
The wonderful benefits of body brushing.

How To Break In CSM Body Brush

If this is your first time owning a body brush, you might find it rough during the first use. A stiff bristle is normal, but to help you enjoy the experience of body brushing right away, we will share a simple breaking-in tip. 

  1. Get a bowl and fill it with cold water. Soak the boar bristles of your new CSM Body Brush (remember, only the bristles!). Leave it soaked for 24 hours. 
  2. Next, get a dry towel. Dry the soaked bristles by rubbing them vigorously using the towel for 10 minutes. 
  3. Repeat the steps one last time. Then hang dry. 
  4. Use it the next day and see how it feels on your skin. If it is still a little hard, repeat the method once again. 

NOTE: Body brushes are normally stiff and rough, it helps remove unwanted dead skin cells. You just need to find the perfect pressure for your skin to enjoy this beauty practice. But CSM Body Brush has soft rubber nodules that prevent you from pressing too hard. 

How to break in your CSM Natural Body Brush.

How To Dry Brush Your Skin

Dry brushing is a physical exfoliation method to use if you want to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, up collagen production, reduce cellulite, minimize ingrown hair, and boost lymphatic drainage. 

This method is helpful, especially during the winter season. Remember these beauty tips to enjoy the benefits of dry brushing. 

  1. Do this inside the bathroom because you need to take off all your clothes. Also, it’ll be easier to discard all the dry skin after exfoliating your skin. 
  2. Remember, always start your dry brushing session on body parts that are furthest away from the heart. And always brush inwards.
  3. Brush in long strokes on larger areas of your body, like your legs, arms, and thighs. 
  4. Brush in small circular motions for small, tougher skin like your elbows, heels, and knees. 
  5. For your stomach and buttocks, use a gentle clockwise circular motion and work from your back to your front.
  6. You don’t have to wash your skin after a dry brushing session, but you can shower if you need one. We love taking a quick cold shower to relax the skin.

Dry brushing technique on skin.

How To Wet Brush Your Skin

Yes, you can use your CSM Body Brush in the shower! The benefit of wet brushing is at par with dry brushing. It can help with blood circulation, too. 

But aside from that, wet brushing can remove stubborn dirt and excess sebum. It is perfect for the summer season to help your skin feel fresh and soft.

Check these tips for a more fun experience. 

  1. Since you need to do this method during the shower, it is best to use lukewarm water to help open your pores. 
  2. Lather a generous amount of your favorite shower gel on your body brush. 
  3. Now, brush your body from top to bottom in circular motions. Do not use this on your face, neck, and chest area. 
  4. Start on your shoulders down to your arms. And then back, stomach, all the way down. 
  5. No brushing on intimate parts, but you can brush your bum. Just make sure to be gentle all the time! 
  6. Proceed to your usual shower rituals. End with a cold-water rinse to close your pores.
  7. Exfoliate once a day and always moisturize after!
Wet brushing technique on skin.

Body Brushing For Sensitive Skin

Some say that body brushing is not advisable for sensitive skin. Well, we think that the secret is finding the right body brush and doing the appropriate pressure. 

So, what is the right body brush for sensitive skin? Always look for body brushes that have natural bristles like CSM Body Brush. They are softer compared to plastic bristles. Break in the body brush before the first use. 

What is the correct pressure when brushing sensitive skin? The answer is you. You have all the control with brushing. Always remember that you adjust the pressure accordingly. But if you are using CSM Body Brush, the soft rubber nodules will keep you from pressing too much. Perfect for first-time users!  

More helpful tips for your body brushing journey.


    The Best Time To Body Brush

    Since our CSM Body Brush is made of natural boar bristles, you can use it every day. Some loved to use it twice a day. 

    We recommend body brushing in the morning before you shower. It energizes your body because it boosts blood flow. Plus, the method is meditative, it will help you relax before you start your day. 

    But if you are usually busy in the morning, you can always do it in the evening during your shower sesh. You can brush away all the excess sebum and stubborn dirt collected from a long day! Giving you a refreshed mood for a goodnight’s sleep. 

    Body brushing is best during your shower sessions.

    Body Brush Care Tips

    Just like any other beauty tool, your body brush needs to be regularly cleaned, too. A dirty body brush cannot exfoliate your skin effectively. Also, it stops nasty bacterial growth. 

    Ideally, a wash-and-dry after use is acceptable. We call it the light cleaning method. Just make it a habit to wash the natural bristles every after use and hang it dry. Only the bristles, and don’t let the body and handle get soaked all the time. 

    Make sure to hang your brush in a well-ventilated area for it to dry quickly. Using a hair blower can help, too.

    Our CSM Body Brush lasts for three months if you regularly clean it. Change your brush regularly for a more effective result!

    CSM Natural Body Brush can lasts up to three months with proper care.

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