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How To Properly Clean Your Body Brush

How To Properly Clean Your Body Brush

We know — dry brushing is hard to stop once started. 

This exfoliating method works wonder on our skin, as such, is addicting. 

When properly used, the dry brush can do magic on your lymphatic system and blood circulation, too. 

Exfoliating with a dry brush every day enhances and maintains a youthful complexion. 

Remarkably, with consistent use, body brushing can help reduce cellulite appearance. 

That is why we recommend including this practice in your daily self-love routine

But, of course, just like any other beauty tool, your body brush needs some TLC, too! 

Since your body brush removes dead skin cells and excess sebum (oily and waxy substance), some of these yucky residues will stay between the brush bristles.

Remember that a dirty body brush cannot exfoliate your skin effectively. 

So, It is equally important to clean your body brush regularly to avoid bacterial growth that can cause skin infections and irritations. And we don't want that. Dry 

Here in CSM, regular dry brush cleaning is highly advocated. So to help you, here's a guide on how to clean a body brush to maximize its usage.  

How To Clean Your CSM Body Brush

CSM Body Brush is made of boar bristles, polished wood handle, anti-slip canvas straps, and soft rubber nodules. With this, we recommend two methods on how to properly clean your CSM Body Brush for longer use. 

The Light Cleaning Method

This method is applicable for daily cleaning or every after use. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. After using, wash the bristles of your dry/wet body brush directly on running water while rubbing it gently. Rubbing the natural bristles will help loosen the collected gunk from brushing.
  2. Shake the water off to help with drying the bristles. Then dry the rest of the brush with a towel. 
  3. Hang it dry where there is enough airflow and far from moisture. Make sure to hang the brush with its bristles facing down to let excess water drip. 
  4. Avoid soaking the wood head and canvas strap to avoid molds. Enjoy your CSM Body Brush longer by always keeping these parts dry after use.

The light cleaning method for your body brush.

The Deep Cleaning Method

In this method, you will need a cleaning agent that is light and antibacterial. 

We use the highest-quality and natural fiber bristle on CSM Body Brush, so it requires a gentle soap to maintain the quality of the boar bristles. 

We recommend Dr. Bronner's Pure Liquid Castile Soap because of its organic ingredients. It has organic hemp oil that is a natural antibacterial agent. It is also safe for your skin!

Do this method twice or thrice a month (depends on how dirty it looks):

  1. In a basin (or anything that will hold water and fits the brush), pour enough warm water leveling the length of your bristles. Make sure the root is evenly soaked. 
  2. Use a teaspoon of your cleaning agent and mix it in the water. Mix until dissolved.
  3. Place your body brush in the mixture with the bristles facing down. Leave it for five minutes. It will soften the dried residue, especially in the root area, making it easier to rub away the remaining gunk.
  4. After five minutes, remove the brush. Drain the mixture and replace it with fresh water. Place your body brush facing down again and move it in a gentle circular motion to wash off the soap. Change the water repeatedly until the water is not soapy anymore.
  5. Shake off the brush to remove excess water, pat dry with a towel, and completely dry by hanging it outside. You may place it under direct sunlight for 5-10 minutes to kill any remaining bacteria (Note: Too much sun exposure can damage the brush, so be mindful of the time!) If you can't dry it this way, you may use a blower to dry it quickly.

The deep cleaning method for your body brush.

Additional tips:

  • Store your CSM Body Brush in a dry location to maximize its durability. Leaving it wet for a long time will weaken the natural bristles, encourage mold in the wood handle, and leave a foul smell on the canvas straps. Always keep it dry.
  • Clean the wood handle and canvas strap with gentle soap and water. Do it quickly - do not soak these parts. Make sure that it is super dry before storing it.
  • You may also apply a small amount of tea tree oil to the wood handle to prevent it from splitting. The oil will act as a sealant to avoid water absorption. Wipe the excess oil before storing it. 

The bottom line is, you need to pay attention to your beauty tools too. Sometimes they can be the source of skin infections when not regularly cleaned.

Take care of them like you would with your skin. 

CSM Body Brush lasts for three months if regularly cleaned and properly stored.

Follow these simple methods to ensure that you will be enjoying your body brushing experience longer! 

If you are beginner to body brushing, read our ultimate guide to know the dos and donts in body brushing. 

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