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Reduce cellulite through dry brushing.

Reduce Cellulite Through Dry Brushing

Have you ever tried squeezing the skin at your thighs and have seen a dimpled, lumpy texture — like an orange-peel texture? That, apparently, is cellulite.

Cellulite is a skin condition (not a disease) that appears when the septae (fat compartments) can no longer fit expanding fat cells. Fat cells grow because of several reasons: 

  • skin structure
  • hormones
  • genetics
  • age 
  • lifestyle

    In a study, women are mostly affected by this condition after puberty.

    It makes sense because, at this stage, our body dramatically changes our breasts, thighs, and buttocks develop, and these areas are abundant in fat tissues.

    Moreover, women are likely to develop cellulite when pregnant, nursing, or using birth-control pills because they are in a high estrogen state.

    Estrogen is responsible for regulating the fat in our bodies. So, whether you are in a high or low-estrogen state, you are more likely to have cellulite.

    And as you age, your outer layer of skin loses elasticity.

    When this happens, the underlying fat cells will eventually push through the layers. It creates a more visible lumpy orange-peel texture we call cellulite.

    The visibility of cellulite depends on its severity. Doctors have categorized this into four grades:

    • Grades I - II is when your skin is at rest, and there is no visible cellulite unless compressed.
    • Grades III-IV is when cellulite is visible even if your skin is at rest.

    The visibility of cellulite depends on its severity.

    Cellulite is often associated with weight changes, but this is not always the case.

    Our lifestyle can intensify the severity of cellulite unhealthy diet, vices, lack of physical activities, and the like.

    But, the good thing about this is you can reduce its appearance by properly taking care of your overall health.

    There are many options in the market on how to get rid of cellulite. You can choose from invasive or non-invasive procedures.

    However, they are often expensive, and some feel disappointed after such treatments seeing zero visible results. 

    And it begs the question,  is there even a cheaper but effective option in reducing cellulite?

    Lucky for you, the answer is yes. This method is called dry brushing.

    Dry Brushing To Reduce Cellulite - Why This Method Helps

    Dry Brushing To Reduce Cellulite - Why This Method Helps

    The theory that vascular and lymphatic alterations promote cellulite development pushed the idea that Endermologie may be an effective tool in reducing cellulite.

    This device flushes the lymphatic system through mechanical massage.

    But this study states that Endermologie was said to be developed to soften the scars and standardize physical therapy.

    However, a noticeable improvement in body contour and skin texture from patients who underwent this procedure gained the interest of scholars.

    So from then on, the procedure has been used to help fat distribution in the subcutaneous plane (the major site of fat storage in the body).

    And how is this procedure related to dry brushing?

    The dry brushing method stimulates lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation.

    If you have a healthy lymphatic system, other systems can function properly, too. It helps your body regenerate healthy cells and encourages collagen production for skin elasticity retention.

    Thus, we developed an innovative natural Body Brush that does not only exfoliates the skin, but also improves circulation and the lymphatic system.

    Dry Brushing To Reduce Cellulite - Simple Dry Brushing Technique

    Dry body brushing is obviously our favorite exfoliating method. And we will share with you the technique on how to enjoy dry brushing to get rid of cellulite: 

    1. Before taking a shower, dedicate at least 3-5 minutes of dry brushing your body every day. Take off your clothes because this is best done when naked! Also, make sure that your body brush is dry and cleaned
    2. Start with body parts furthest away from the heart. Run your brush in long strokes on parts of your body, like your legs, arms, and thighs. 
    3. For coarser parts in your body (like your elbows, heels, and knees), brush in a small circular motion to help loosen the rough dead skin in these areas. 
    4. Do clockwise gentle circular motions for your stomach and buttocks. 
    5. Apply moisturizer or you can proceed to your shower routine!

    Dry brushing technique to reduce cellulite.

    Even if cellulite is an unalarming skin condition, it affects our confidence big time, especially during the bikini season.

    So, start your dry brushing journey before the summer hits and flaunt that fresh, glowing skin! 

    If you don't know where to start with body brushing, let our guide help you. Also, read more about the best CSM products for reducing cellulite here

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